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  • 【プチ箱】さくらさくり〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【プチ箱】さくらさくり〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【プチ箱】さくらさくり〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【プチ箱】さくらさくり〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【プチ箱】さくらさくり〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【プチ箱】さくらさくり〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【プチ箱】さくらさくり〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【プチ箱】さくらさくり〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【プチ箱】さくらさくり〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
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【Petit Box】SAKURA SAKURI〜Matcha cream Gaufrette using brown rice flour with calcium〜(2pieces/box)

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Honshu / Shikoku / Kyushu area: 500 yen /
Okinawa Prefecture / Hokkaido area: 1,000 yen / matter
In the case of E gifts, the whole country is 800 yen / matter

May your life bloom with happiness like cherry blossoms 

Japanese Green Tea Flavor, Gluten Free, Good Nutritions!

For healthy people, this is a gaufrette using brown rice flour which is 100% Hatsushimo from Gifu prefecture.

The dough contains calcium.
The cream inside is matcha matcha flavor, so you can enjoy a unique Japanese style.
It's perfect for a snack when you're a little hungry.
Because it is gluten-free and has a slightly sweet sweetness, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from small children to the elderly.

Contents: 2 individual packaging per box contains 2 pieces
One box size: 11 x 8.4 x 1.6 cm
Gow Fret size: Diameter about 6.5cm
Individual wrapping size: about 8 × 11cm
Shelf life: From the date of manufacture1Year
JAN: 4939414004761

[Gluten -free]
We use brown rice flour from Gifu Prefecture's Hatsushimo instead of flour, so you can enjoy it with confidence even for wheat allergies.
Calcium is also included in the fabric, and a healthy baked confectionery with a slightly gentle sweetness of brown rice flour. Perfect for a small snack when you are hungry.
[Use of luxury matcha use]
Sandy cream using high -quality matcha, which contains plenty of umami ingredients, is sandwiched for the gow fret.
[Fun arrangement]
It is delicious even if you arrange it with anko or add it to ice cream.

Purchase in balk
Please send us massage from Here with your desired product name and quantity.
🌸For novelty for schools and company events

🌸Graduation ceremony, entrance ceremony, wedding present

A handbag suitable for distribution of one box at a time "Sakura Sakuri's exclusive subdivision bag" is From here

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Raw materials

Raw materials

Sugar (domestic and foreign manufacturing), brown rice flour (rice, 100%gifts from Gifu prefecture), liquid eggs, shortening, matcha powder, vegetable oils, whole grain milk, honey, lactose, dextrin / expansion , Emulsifiers, fragrances, antioxidants (V / E), (including eggs, milk ingredients and soybeans)
* This product manufacturing factory manufactures products including wheat, sesame, peanuts, bananas, and orange.

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