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  • 沖縄県産にんじんピューレ
  • 沖縄県産にんじんピューレ
  • 沖縄県産にんじんピューレ
  • 沖縄県産にんじんピューレ
  • 沖縄県産にんじんピューレ
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【Frozen】100% nutrition with unicellular technology! Okinawa Carrot Puree(500g)

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A frozen carrot puree that uses unicellular technology for carrots grown in the rich land of Okinawa Prefecture to enable abundant nutrients, high digestion and absorption rate, and long-term storage.

Vegetable juices are generally made by mechanically crushing (puree) and compressing, but this method discards β-carotene and dietary fiber-rich peels and juices.
In unicellular technology, these active ingredients are used as they are.

We carry out consistent management from cleaning to packing, and deliver safe and secure products to you under strict hygiene management.

【What is unicellular technology? 】
It is a technology that decomposes and dissociates protopectin, an intercellular sticking substance, and separates it into individual cells by adding a unicellular enzyme to vegetables and fruits and allowing them to act while stirring at room temperature.
The unicellular nutrients are protected by double cell membranes and are less likely to deteriorate, and the entire material can be used without waste. It is nutritious and has no parts to throw away.

  • The nutritional value is highly digested and absorbed while maintaining the taste!
  • No deterioration for 7 to 8 years even if stored frozen!
  • More than 90% of the material is used without waste, and it is kind to both the body and the earth!

【Ingredient】Carrot (Okinawa, Japan)
【Contents】 1 case = 20 bags (500 g / bag)
【Seller】Progress 31
                97-1 Morikawa, Nakagamigun Nishihara-cho, Okinawa, Japan
【Manufacturer】Okinawa Traditional Crop Production Business Cooperative
【Storage state (before opening)】freezing (-18 degrees or less) after thawing, refrigerate and eat as soon as possible.

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