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  • 【個包装単品】さくらさくり 〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【個包装単品】さくらさくり 〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【個包装単品】さくらさくり 〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【個包装単品】さくらさくり 〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【個包装単品】さくらさくり 〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【個包装単品】さくらさくり 〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【個包装単品】さくらさくり 〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
  • 【個包装単品】さくらさくり 〜グルテンフリー ゴーフレット抹茶味〜
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【Individual package】SAKURA SAKURI〜Matcha cream Gaufrette using brown rice flour with calcium〜

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Japanese Green Tea Flavor, Gluten Free, Good Nutritions!

For healthy people, this is a gaufrette using brown rice flour which is 100% Hatsushimo from Gifu prefecture.
Therefore, you don't have to worry about wheat allergies.
Also, the dough contains calcium.
The cream inside is matcha matcha flavor, so you can enjoy a unique Japanese style.
It's perfect for a snack when you're a little hungry.

It is recommended not only for adults but also for small children.
You can also enjoy it as a gift.

Manufactured at a long-established gaufrette confectionery factory.
(This factory is probably the first in Japan to manufacture Gaufrette using rice flour!)

※Expiration date: 1 year from the date of manufacture

IngredientsSugar (domestic and foreign), brown rice flour (rice 100% Hatsushimo from Gifu prefecture),liquid egg, shortening, starch, matcha powder, vegetable oil, whole grain milk, honey, lactose, dextrin / swelling Agents, eggshell calcium, emulsifiers, fragrances, antioxidants (VE)

【Contents】 1 package has 1 piece

【Manufacturer】 Wakabayashi Senbei Co., Ltd.
466 Kuroiwa, Sakahogi-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu, Japan

【Storage condition】Room temperature avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity

Raw materials

Raw materials

Sugar (domestic and foreign manufacturing), brown rice flour (rice, 100%gifts from Gifu prefecture), liquid eggs, shortening, matcha powder, vegetable oils, whole grain milk, honey, lactose, dextrin / expansion , Emulsifiers, fragrances, antioxidants (V / E), (including eggs, milk ingredients and soybeans)
* This product manufacturing factory manufactures products including wheat, sesame, peanuts, bananas, and orange.

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