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  • 沖縄県産シークワーサー果汁100%
  • 沖縄県産シークワーサー果汁100%
  • 沖縄県産シークワーサー果汁100%
  • 沖縄県産シークワーサー果汁100%
  • 沖縄県産シークワーサー果汁100%
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【Frozen】No heating & No additives! 100% Japanese Citrus Fruit Juice(1000ml)

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Fresh juice made by squeezing Japanese citrus fruit from Okinawa prefecture without heat sterilization and freezing it as it is.

Usually, there is a lot of heat-treated citrus juice, unheated 100% of Japanese citrus juice is not widely available.

Since we are particular about no heating and no additives (no coloring, no fragrance, no sugar as well), vitamins and minerals are not damaged and remain as they are.
You can enjoy the freshly squeezed "Raw" taste.

Carefully selected fruits are squeezed and bottled using a special manufacturing method so that they can be used "safely and securely", so keeps bacteria away.

【What is a Shikuwasa(Japanese citrus fruit)? 】

It is a fruit that is cultivated in Yambaru area, which is rich in nature in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, and is characterized by its orange-like shape and lemon-like sour fruit.

【Ingredient】Japanese Citrus Fruit Juice (made in Okinawa) 
【Contents】1 bottle = 1000 ml
【Manufacturer】Kugani Shoten
                              2-7-16, Port town, Naha city, Okinawa, Japan
【Storage condition(before opening)】Frozen

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