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Sakura Sakuri Packaging Single

【School course course】

We will deliver regular flights as a regular flight to customers who applied for regular flights.

  • 3 months course
  • 6 months course (free shipping)

course Three months 6 months
Discount rate Commodity price10% OFF Commodity price10% OFF
Delivery charge

1 time purchase price
Less than 5,000 yen:500 yen
(Okinawa · Hokkaido is ¥ 1,000

1 time purchase price
More than 5,000 yen:free shipping
(Including Okinawa · Hokkaido)

Regardless of the purchase price,
free shipping
Minimum number of purchases 3 times 6 times
Delivery pause (skip) Object5 times Object5 times
Settlement date (after the second time) 20th every month 20th every month
Product change (after the second time) Set only set number
Set only set number
cancel After delivery of 3 months (3 times),
Customer Changeable on My Page
After delivery of six months (6 times),
Customer Changeable on My Page


[Corruption method of regular flight]

Log in to My Page and click List of Regular Purchases.

Go to the periodic purchasing page and press "Check Details" to check the order status of regular flights.

    [Notes on using regular flights]

    • For the current purchase target product, only Sakura Sakuri (packaging single item) is only.
    • Confirmation of registration content, address change, holiday (skip), and apply for cancellation can be done from My Page.
      • The number of times you can skip is up to 5 times
      • If you have selected the number of shipping you choose, you can cancel it at any time
    • If you would like to change and cancel the delivery date and cycle, please note that the product that has already been prepared for shipping, or a product of 5 days before shipping date will be applied from the next post-delivery.
    • Please note that the product renewal or price change may be made.
    • If you receive a product receipt or, etc., if you will retransmit the product from us, you may receive additional shipping costs.
    • The payment method for scheduled purchases continues to pay for the first application.
    • The second settlement period will be the 20th every month once a month.
       (Example) 1 cycle, fixed 20 days
      First Purchase: October 15
      Second settlement: November 20
      Third settlement: December 20
    • Please note that if the credit card has expired when the second and subsequent delivery is expired, please be aware that you may cancel the application for regular purchase.
    • If you want to cancel cancellation processing and continue to continue periodic purchase, please apply newer than our online shop if you want to continue regular purchase.
    Click here for inquiries about ordering and shipping
    ■ YIEM Shop Online
    [Reception time] 10: 00-16: 00 (Saturday, Sunday, holiday, except for the end of the year)


    Q. I want to rest (skip) a regular flight.

    A. You can set from My Page "Regular Purchasing List".

    ※ If it is already prepared for shipment, cancellation and skip will be applied from the next post-delivery, so please be aware in advance.

    Q. I want to change the product of regular flights.

    A. The number of products can be changed. From the My Page "Regular Purchase List" Change the "Change Product" to the desired number of days.

    ※ If it is already prepared for shipment, cancellation and skip will be applied from the next post-delivery, so please be aware in advance.

    Q. The address has been changed while a regular purchase. What should I do?

    A. You can edit the delivery address from "Checking Details of the Regular Purchase List" of My Page.
    However, it is limited to unarraged orders. Please be careful because it can be addressed to change the address of the shipping arranged.

    ※ Since it will be delivered by Yamato Transport, it will not be transferred to the new address even if you issue a transfer notice to the post office. please note.

    Other things are unknownHerePlease contact us.

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