Gift to the precious person

Seasonal events, milestones of life, and when you want to convey your feelings, if you add a little delicious thing, you may be pleased with the other person.

May the cherry blossoms in full bloom bloom in my life

Sakura Saki with the feeling of that is perfect for a gift for those who want to support and thanks!

<Recommended products for gifts>

It is recommended to use without any wrapping type.

Choose according to your usage scene and budget.

<How to send>

① When meeting and handing directly to the other party

If you want to pass each person, it is recommended to receive it at home. If you purchase a dedicated small bag together, it will be convenient when distributing a large amount of school classes, club activities, and workplaces.

If you don't know your address

Buy the gift and send the URL to the other party.

Because the timing that the URL reached to the partner becomes the present timing, it is possible to forget to prepare, and it becomes the day even if it becomes the day even if it becomes it.

Gift of giftHere & nowIs also detailed.

* individual packaging and snakeskin exclusive bag is out of e gift object.

Case of use scene

You can use it for a gift in a variety of situations.

What is Sakura Sakuri?

Sakura Sakuri is a gluten -free gaufrette that is fragrant baked with brown rice flour. Sanded matcha flavored cream.
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