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Nerikiri kit in the microwave(120g/bag)

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Let's make it at home!

You can make authentic Japanese sweets simply by adding water to the mix powder "Nerikiri kit in the microwave" and mixing it and heating it in the microwave.
If you add the color, you can make your own original "Nerikiri"♪

※Please prepare the material necessary for coloring by yourself.
* About 5 to 6 Japanese sweets of general size can be made per bag (120 g).

Expiration : From the date of manufacture year

【Ingredients】Powdered bean paste (Japan), sugar, rice flour/sweetener (trehalose), processed starch
【Contents】 120 g / bag
【Seller】Uenochu Co., Ltd.
       3-1-23 Kawarayacho, Chuo-ku, Osaka JAPAN
【Storage condition】Room temperature avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

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